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The 7 Best Right-Wing Freakouts Over Women Going Into Combat

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced it would lift a ban on women in combat. Today, conservatives lost their minds

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Combat effectiveness is based in large part on unit cohesion. The relationships among members of a unit can be irreparably harmed by forcing them to violate societal norms.

David A. Pattern of NewsMax

Relying heavily on quotes from former Navy SEAL and Montana state Sen. Ryan Zinke, Pattern worries that women don’t know that war is a  real thing involving real people:

This is not a Hollywood movie. This has real consequences that are going to affect our sons and daughters whose lives are on the line… The hard truth of combat oftentimes is brutal. It involves face-to-face, hand-to-hand, close-quarter battle. And I think we forget that. We’ve become so sensitized that warfare is wrapped up in a two-hour movie featuring stars who always live. And that’s not how it really is.

And women will probably enlist for the wrong reasons! They will totally endure a  brutal training regimen just because they are so showy and competitive all the time:

I think it’s going to have women wanting to be the first SEAL for the purpose of being the first SEAL.

Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness

It’s not even what women really want!


Fox News viewers

It’s downright inappropriate! (But it might not be wise to  trust Fox News viewers.)



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