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5 States Where GOP Extremists Are Pushing Repugnant Anti-Women Laws

Some GOPers are continuing to fight the same noxious battles, in some cases putting women’s access at risk.

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...The Arkansas attorney general's office last year opposed the measure, telling the panel that it was in conflict with established law and would likely be struck down as unconstitutional.

4. Wisconsin. Despite their state’s hearty endorsement of President Barack Obama’s re-election, Wisconsin Republicans are also gearing up for more anti-choice measures along the same lines as other states, eager to take advantage of a GOP-dominated state goverment:

The state's largest anti-abortion group sees opportunities to place further regulations on abortion, including requiring women seeking the procedure to view an ultrasound of her fetus.

Wisconsin Right to Life is also proposing banning abortions that would cause pain to the fetus, barring abortions that are sought based on the sex of the fetus and prohibiting the ability of state employees to use their state healthcare plans to access abortions.

5. Mississippi’s only abortion clinic is embattled by a law designed to shut it down and is in danger of closing. A press release from the Center for Reproductive Rights notes that ideology trumps medical sense in this fight:

Although all the doctors currently providing abortions to women at the Mississippi clinic are board-certified ob-gyns, the physicians responsible for the lion’s share of the clinic’s patients have not been granted privileges by any of the hospitals in the area. In fact, several of the hospitals refused to even process the physicians’ applications, citing their biased policies and practices towards abortion care.

CRR has filed suit to prevent the law from going into effect, while anti-choice protesters targeting the clinic continue to “harass and terrify” patients.

All these states show that the misguided crusade against women’s rights is not over, despite the overwhelming “out of our exam rooms, out of our bedrooms” message sent by the 2012 election. In 2013, keep your eye on the states to see whether the “war” on reproductive health services comes to an end, continues, or as some activists wish, goes the other way.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead of fighting retrograde bills, we focused on expanding access, coverage and information about abortion and sexual health? Activists on the #proactiveprochoice hashtag made their own wishlist this week:



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