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Why a Town of 9/11 Survivors Is Fearful Their Community Will Be a Natural Gas Sacrifice Zone

Minisink, NY may become a high-risk zone for gas explosions and contamination, thanks to a plan to build a major compressor station for a gas pipeline--smack in the center of town.

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Nevertheless, in early December, and with two commissioners dissenting, FERC issued a final order denying the citizens' requests. Pipeline construction to Minisink is now under way. Minisink residents plan to appeal the decision says the grassroots group, Stop the Minisink Compressor Station. "If some foreign group were threatening to expose Americans to these dangers it would be called terrorism," notes 9/11 survivor and Minisink resident Nick Russo. With few emergency response resources in the area, Senator Avella contends that "our firefighters assume enough risk. ... placing them at risk of harm from fire, explosion, or exposure to hazardous materials [is] unconscionable."

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