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Josh Fox's 'Gasland' Sequel Opens, a Tour Through a Land of Abandoned Homes and Broken Promises

Gasland Part II contends that an industry should not be allowed to break what it cannot fix.

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In its evocative human scale report,  Gasland Part II zooms in on the early stages of social disruption due to extreme energy extraction leads. The people profiled in the film are earthy and real. Their voices can be heard and counted. Though tens of thousands may be affected globally, the devastation has not currently progressed to a point where news reports detail mind-numbingly large numbers of the afflicted. Unless the concerns the film highlights are heeded, more extreme forms of devastation could lie ahead. Why undergo such risks when there are economically viable ways to meet our energy needs now and into the future, that don’t entail contamination, earthquake activity, and displacement?

Gasland Part II will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and will debut nationally on HBO this summer.

Alison Rose Levy @alisonroselevy writes on health, food and the environment. Her website is and her weekly radio program on Progressive Radio is Connect the Dots.

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