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How Fracking Is a Danger to Your Health

Amid controversy, New York will embark on a health impacts study, but residents living in the gaslands are already speaking out about their experiences.

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Charlotte Bevins: Is it that important to do this so quickly and get it out of the ground that the people working on sites aren’t being protected? The politicians are in bed with the industry and not protecting the workers, us, and anyone.

Nancy Bevins: The gas has been there for millions of years. It’s still going to be there in another million. Why is there such a rush now and why are our politicians not moving towards clean energy and things that aren’t so dangerous? In West Virginia so many people work in the industry and lots in other states. We have friends who are working 16 hours and then having to drive home four states away. They are just running these young men into the ground.

Charlotte Bevins: My brother was told when they were drilling, using the fracking fluids, they were told it’s soap. Another employee shared that his boss spent the day in the ER even though they tell us this stuff isn’t hazardous. Look, I want them to have permanent safe jobs so they don’t have to worry about if they’ll even come home to their family. I feel so angry and bitter right now that the only choice I have is to speak out and advocate for the workers.


Natalie Brant has vertical fracking near her home just outside of Buffalo NY and her water has gone bad. The gas company started fracking near her home about 3 years ago in Springville, NY, which is about an hour from Buffalo. She’s had health problems with her children and has been sharing her story carrying suitcases of her contaminated well water.

Natalie Brant: My water has gone bad and my house can blowup. We purchase around a 100 gallons of water a week so we can bathe in it and cook with it. I have 8 children and they’ve all had to go through brain scans every few months and heavy metals testing constantly. My son has asthma that came on suddenly and all kinds of upper respiratory infections constantly. I tracked this, his health problems and all of my kid’s illnesses became strong three weeks after they began the process of hydro-fracking behind my home. People are just leaving their homes, all of the money they’ve invested in them and they are being forced to walk away from it. So we need Andrew Cuomo, our governor, to have backbone and to stand up to this gas and oil industries and tell them to get out of New York State. We need this banned immediately, if not the State of New York will end up going bankrupt.


Matthew Manning: My name is Matthew Manning and I live in Franklin Township in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. This [holding a container of murky water] is what the gas company did to my water on December 7, 2011. Shortly after they drilled my water turned gray and filled with methane. They say it’s safe but I don’t believe it. I only have a 1/3 of an acre and the nearest gas well is 4,000 feet behind my house.

When we bought the house in November of 2010 we had no problems with our water. It’s not just us that have this problem, many homes in the area that also the same day their water went bad, turned gray and their wells filled with methane. I just bought the house, I have 15 years left to pay on it and it’s worthless. The water has extremely high barium levels, manganese, selenium, ethane, aluminum and iron levels that are 10 times higher than the safe limits. I didn’t have that before, they say it’s safe but it’s not. I have a lawsuit against the gas company, WPX (Williams) now. What do you do? I have a house that I owe $120,000 on. This has to stop before we; all of us have no more water to drink.

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