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Anti-Fracking Protesters Confront Pennsylvania Gov During Kayaking PR Trip on Endangered River

Posted every few miles on the river's banks were groups of protestors, challenging the governor's pro-drilling policy with signs and chants.

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Corbett kayaked the Sussquehanna River earlier this year to publicize its recreational splendor. But the Sussquehanna has already suffered fracking-related toxic spills to its tributaries, and degradation of wildlife and it is considered by many environmentalist to be impaired

In the afternoon, Governor Corbett visited Promised Land State Park for more nature enjoyment.  Like many other Pennsylvania state parks, Promised Land sits on the Marcellus Shale, and much of the Park's untouched woods, like almost half  of the vast state forest lands, has been leased for gas drilling.  

The recreation and beauty on which the Upper Delaware's tourism depends cannot survive the massive industrialization of fracking, the protestors said. But they will have to wait till September to share findings with the governor. "We're going to hold him to his promise to meet and hear our side," Van Rossum said. 



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