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3 Staple Foods that Big Ag Has Stripped of All Nutrients

We need to reclaim our fruits and vegetables for the sake of our health.

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Today, that disconnection has gone on steroids. Food production is controlled by giant transnational corporations like Monsanto, that care more about making a profit than providing nutritious foods to the you and me.

Their goal isn’t to produce foods that contain the most phytonutrients; it’s to produce foods that will help create the largest profits.

And it's making us sick – and making our planet sick – which is why it needs to change.

During World War II, we had “Victory Gardens” where people all across the nation were encouraged to grown much of their own food in their yards. Today, we instead use more water on our grass than we do on our crops.

We need to reclaim our plant heritage, take back our heirloom seeds for all of humanity, and start planting gardens in our green spaces. We need to reconnect with Mother Earth. And we need to use out government to break up the big food monopolies that threaten not just our small farmers and our health, but threaten our entire planet as their genetically modified genes escape into the wild.

Let's wake up and take back control of our food supply!

Thom Hartmann is an author and nationally syndicated daily talk show host. His newest book is "The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America — and What We Can Do to Stop It."

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