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Hate Eating Corporate Food? Democracy Is the Best Recipe

Wenonah Hauter discusses her new book "Foodopoly," a deep dive into our country’s history and our relationships with farmers.

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WH: I actually wanted to write a chapter about this in the book. I think it's obvious to everybody out there the ecological reasons to save it, but there are also a lot of political reasons. If you look at the composition of Congress, it's kind of a cultural war that's going on and why it is so difficult to get a very progressive agenda in Congress, or even have a sensible agenda, it's because many of the rural areas in our country have been so adversely affected by losing agriculture and have been able to be manipulated into having things that aren't necessarily beneficial.

I think that actually investing in rural America, revitalizing the economy and making alliances could, over the long term, be beneficial in a lot of different ways both to the environment and politically. If we want to do anything about these issues, we have to form some relationships there. 

Tara Lohan is a freelance writer and former senior editor at AlterNet. She is the editor of two books on the global water crisis, including Water Matters: Why We Need to Act Now to Save Our Most Critical Resource. Follow her on Twitter @TaraLohan or visit her website,

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