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6 Foods That Companies Hype to Make You Think They Are Healthy

Plenty of bad foods are marketed to purposely mislead consumers.

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Incredibly, the McDonald’s product contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. (Even without the brown sugar it has more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger.)

That’s pretty astounding since, in Bittman’s words, “real oatmeal contains no ingredients; rather, it is an ingredient.” An ingredient that takes just a few minutes to make and costs close to nothing. Unless you get it at Micky D’s.

6. Quaker’s 100% Natural Granola, Oats, Honey & Raisins

Here’s another company taking a wholesome product – granola – and making into something deceptively unhealthy. Just how unhealthy? The good folks at Men’s Health note that one cup of this granola contains “the caloric equivalent of eight chicken wings -- and, for the same amount of sugar, you could have a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles more than twice the size.” Also, “with the Cocoa Pebbles, you'd get more fiber and save about 60 calories in fat.” Yikes.

In this case, the “100% natural” part of the product name is nothing but a red herring.

Lauren Kelley is the activism and gender editor at AlterNet and a freelance journalist based in New York City. Her work has appeared in Salon, Time Out New York, the L Magazine, and other publications. Follow her on Twitter.