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There Is an Enormous Amount of Unregulated Poisonous Chemicals In Our Country

We all possess components of a toxic waste site inside of us.

Photo Credit: The New York Times; Screenshot / YouTube.com


We are all lab rats in one giant, toxic, and deadly experiment.

The Environmental Defense Fund has released a new report, titled " Toxics Across America," which looks at the billions of pounds of toxic and potentially deadly chemicals that are currently in the American marketplace. 

The report looks at 120 chemicals that have been identified by state, federal and international officials as hazardous to our health.

It also looks at which of those chemicals are currently distributed in the U.S, what amounts they are being produced in, where they are being manufactured and which companies are responsible for them.

The report's key findings include that at least 81 of the chemicals studied are produced in or imported to the U.S. each year in amounts of 1 million pounds or more.

Also, 14 of the chemicals studied come in at quantities of 1 billion pounds or more per year, including known carcinogens, or cancer-causing chemicals, like formaldehyde and benzene.

And, at least 90 of the chemicals that the EDF studied are commonly found in consumer and commercial products, including 8 used in children's products.

With billions of pounds of toxic chemicals being produced and used in the United States each year, you'd think that our government would have strict regulations in place to monitor those chemicals, and to keep Americans safe from them.

You would be wrong.

Thanks to billions of dollars from Big Chem and relentless lobbying efforts, regulations on deadly chemical production and use in America are virtually non-existent.

So, where are these unregulated, toxic and potentially deadly chemicals being used?

All around us, making us all lab rats for Big Chem.

Four million households in America still have  dangerous levels of lead, despite lead being banned in paints back in 1978. 

As result, the  CDC estimates that more than 500,000 children in the U.S. have "elevated" levels of lead in their blood.

Even small amounts of lead in children have been linked to crime, behavioral problems, dyslexia, decreased IQ and a variety of other health problems.

Meanwhile, the carcinogen formaldehyde, used by funeral homes to embalm bodies, is a common chemical found in plywood, hardwood paneling and even furniture.

As formaldehyde ages, it evaporates and turns into a vapor, which we breathe in, and which accumulates in our bodies, increasing our risks of developing cancer. We're literally being embalmed by our houses and offices!

Another category of popular chemicals used in household furniture is flame retardants.

While they sounded like a great idea back in the 1970s when they were first introduced to the market, we now know that flame retardant chemicals can cause a variety of health problems, including early-onset puberty, diminished IQ and thyroid problems.

And according to the CDC, flame retardant chemicals are now found in the bodies of "nearly all" Americans.

Then there's Teflon, the chemical used to treat the pots and pans that we use for cooking, so that they're non-sticking.

According to the  Science Advisory Board of the EPA, Teflon is in all of us, and it's most likely a carcinogen.

These are just a few of the thousands of potentially deadly chemicals that surround us every day, and that are building up in our bodies.

Back in 2001, as part of a story on chemicals in the environment,  Bill Moyers had his blood tested for industrial chemicals that had built up in his body. 

The results showed that he had 84 industrial chemicals present in his blood that were not supposed to be there.