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Revealed: Obama's DOE Nominee Ernest Moniz Is Super Cozy With Tar Sands, Oil and Gas Industries

As Congress is set to review Moniz's nomination, here's what you should know.

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On top of her public sector appointments, McGinty is also an Operating Partner alongside former PA Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell at Element Partners, a Philadelphia, PA-based firm that has capital investments in several firms operating in the Marcellus Shale. McGinty also serves on the Board of Directors of  NRG Energy, an electric utility that owns natural gas-fired power plants (and coal and nuclear ones, too - aka "all of the above") throughout the U.S. 

Obama's Binders Full of Conflicts-of-Interest on LNG ExportsOn top of the recent Cheniere proposal to the DOE to expand capacity of its Sabine Pass terminal (and therefore, its ability to export more gas to the global market), Dominion recently announced it will be  submitting a proposal to the DOE to expand the size of its proposed Lusby, MD-based Dominion Cove Point LNG export terminal.  In other words, the gas industry isn't joking about its desires to export shale gas to the global market, despite paying homage to the necessity to frack for " national security" and domestic energy purposes.   Public Accountability Initiative's (PAI) report on Moniz, Deutch and the MIT Energy Initiative at-large titled, " Industry Partner or Industry Puppet?" raises the logical take-away question. It's one that at this point seems more rhetorical than Socratic in nature: "Will a similar team be installed at the Department of Energy under Moniz, and will it continue this advocacy for LNG exports from a new position of influence?"  Tyson Slocum, head of the Energy Program at  Public Citizen is also alarmed by these developments, and answered PAI's question bluntly.  "Moniz represents the status-quo, all of the above fossil energy approach at a time when we can’t afford the status quo," Slocum told DeSmogBlog. 

Steve Horn is a Researcher and Writer for DeSmogBlog, focusing primarily on domestic and international natural gas drilling operations and its interplay with international geopolitics. He lives in Madison, WI.
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