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Debate: Obama Backs Green Energy, Romney Backs Black

Obama’s green energy policies and Romney’s preference for coal and tar sands oil were apparent in their first presidential debate in Denver.

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“Climate change is one of the most important issues for young people, but addressing it has been shockingly absent from the campaign. Young voters across the country are calling on President Obama and Mitt Romney to break the silence on climate change and stand up to Big Oil and King Coal by offering plans for clean energy that match the scale of the climate crisis,” said Whit Jones, campaign director for PowerVote. org and Energy Action Coalition.

Neither of the presidential candidates has yet explained his plans for addressing the issue.

“The climate crisis and continued over-dependence on fossil fuels are crippling our economy, health, foreign policy, and national security,” said Micah Parkin, Colorado Organizer for 350 Action Fund, one of several groups organizing the rally. “It’s time for our nation’s leaders to wake up, take responsibility, and chart a determined new course – one that breaks our fossil fuel addiction, transitions us to a sustainable energy future, and ensures a healthy, livable planet for this and future generations.”

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