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Connecting the Dots Between Autism and Your Health

Whether it’s pesticides in grain, hormones in dairy or fracking chemicals seeping into water supplies, we are vulnerable to serious health risks.

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Depending on health status and predisposition, individuals respond differently

If an individual child has a high pre-existing load of mercury, diesel particulates, or other chemicals prior to vaccination, their response to vaccination may differ from that of a child with low exposure. Although no research has implicated any single gene in autism, a healthy gut, ease in detoxification and other factors all depend on a given individual’s biochemical capacities and health status.

Due to all of these factors, any shot or series of shots cannot be assumed to produce the same effect on each person. The shots are not given to a robot in a time capsule but to an individual with a complex health status. Through not assessing the factors— like pre-natal proximity to traffic pollution and others— that tend to increase (or lower risk) of autism, it’s impossible for science to predict any individual’s response to one or more shots, or to any other complex health intervention.

Alison Rose Levy @alisonroselevy writes on health, food and the environment. Her website is healthjournalistblog.com and her weekly radio program on Progressive Radio is Connect the Dots.

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