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The ATM for Climate Denial: Shadowy Group Bankrolls Vast Network of Science Skeptics

Millions of dollars have been handed out to organizations whose express purpose is spreading disinformation.

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SUZANNE GOLDENBERG: Yeah, I think that’s their new focus, is not to look at trying to oppose action in Washington on climate change, because it’s not happening, but they’re going to go out into the states and oppose efforts to increase the amount of renewable energy, like wind farms and solar farms. I would also look at them to oppose action for—by city councils in coastal communities to protect themselves from climate change in future development planning.

AMY GOODMAN: Suzanne Goldenberg, we want to thank you for being with us, U.S. environment correspondent for  The Guardian. Her  article, most recently, "Secret Funding Helped Build Vast Network of Climate Denial Thinktanks," and we’ll link to it at democracynow.org. This is  Democracy Now! We’ll be back in a minute.

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