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6 Ways to Spark the Clean Energy Revolution

Renewable energy sources have made big leaps in the last few years, but we’re still miles away from where we need to be.

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One of the most important ways for clean energy to be successfull is to get everyone involved. Crowdfunding renewable projects is just getting started with organizations like Mosaic where anyone can invest in a solar project. 

But to go the distance it will take putting power, and the decisions about how we get and use our power, into the hands of the people. “Both solar PV and electric cars help the average person to become producers and owners of the energy they use,” said Shahan. “They help to democratize the entire energy industry. The ramifications are immense. They are probably beyond our imagination. This process, though just beginning, is already having a paradigm-shifting effect in some locations, such as solar-leading Germany and Australia. But we're just at the beginning. The democratization of the energy system is coming like a slow but very powerful wave, and it is going to change the world.”

Tara Lohan is a freelance writer and former senior editor at AlterNet. She is the editor of two books on the global water crisis, including Water Matters: Why We Need to Act Now to Save Our Most Critical Resource. Follow her on Twitter @TaraLohan or visit her website, taralohan.com.

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