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Meet Donald Trump's Frightening 'Brain Trust'

Donald Trump’s brain trust is a motley crew.

Photo Credit: Telesur

Earlier this month, during the 11th Republican presidential debate at Fox Theater in downtown Detroit, Trump was asked who he would pick to advise him on national security if he became president. 

“Mr. Trump, you’ve repeatedly deflected calls for specific national security or defense policy plans with the claim that you’ll ask the best people when you become president, and take their advice," said co-moderator Bret Baier. "So who are the best people? Can you reveal two or three names that you trust for national security?” 

“I would get the best people, people that I’d be comfortable with. And we will do the right thing,” Trump replied, naming Richard Haass, General Jack Keane and retired Colonel Jack Jacobs. 

This week, Trump announced who is advising him on foreign policy: Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Prof. Walid Phares, former Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and Keith Kellogg, who served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Jeff Sessions is the junior U.S. senator from Alabama,who is sympathetic to white nationalists.

Walid Phares is a Lebanese counter-terrorism expert. He reportedly has ties to the fascist Christian militias responsible for the 1982 massacre of Palestinians.

Michael Flynn, a former Army Lieutenant General, has called for Hillary Clinton to suspend her candidacy over her so-called email scandal. He is in favor of deploying ground trips to defeat ISIL.

Keith Kellogg was executive vice president of CACI, a private technology and intelligence organization, which 256 Iraqis have sued for crimes against humanity at Abu Ghraib Prison.

Watch Telesur's segment to learn more:


Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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