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Top 10 Excuses Conservatives Are Already Making For Losing The Election

No one's denying conservatives are good at creative thinking.


All the current polling has President Obama beating Mitt Romney and Republicans failing to take over the Senate. There is an obvious reason for this:  the public likes how progressive Democratic policies have worked in the past four years more than how conservative Republican policies worked in the past eight.

Accepting the obvious is proving difficult for conservative leaders. Instead of taking responsibility for past policy mistakes and proposing changes, conservatives are frantically coming up with various excuses why they are about to take a ballot box beating.

The list is impressive. Let it not be said conservatives are not creative.

10. The Fed Rigged It

When the Federal Reserve announced a new round of "quantitative easing" or "QE3" to accelerate job recovery,  several House Republicans accused it of rigging the election for President Obama. The Hill reported:

“It really is interesting that it is happening right now before an election,” said Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho). “It is going to sow some growth in the economy, and the Obama administration is going to claim credit.” “I am shocked, just shocked, that politics are going on in this city!” Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) said sarcastically.


“They are the ones who always say they want to remain independent. So they should consider, just how independent are they when they come out, only 50 days before the election, with this?” said Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.).

And here's Fox News pundit Andrew Napolitano saying that QE3 is "intended to make somebody look good between now and November 6. You know who that is,"

9. Skewed Polls Depressed Republican Turnout

Many conservatives are complaining that most national polls are "oversampling" Democrats, even though  most pollsters don't weigh their data based on party identification since partisan makeup of the electorate can fluctuate.

Glenn Beck's "news" site "The Blaze" amplified a blog post touting the conservative theory behind the poll numbers: "These over-samplings serve a few purposes but mainly drive down enthusiasm for Republicans while assisting the Obama campaign with 'bandwagon' supporters who simply like being on the winning team..."

8. The Government Suppressed The Military Vote

On Fox & Friends, guest co-host Eric Bolling asserted that  "it's becoming more difficult, relatively more difficult, for military personnel to get an absentee ballot, yet we're supposed to believe that getting a photo ID just makes it way too difficult for an American citizen to vote."

As Media Matters noted, the head of the Military Voter Protection Project, which provided the data that Fox & Friends based its discussion on, said,  "The military voting issue has existed long before the current administration. I simply don't see any politics at play."

7. The Government Allowed People To Vote Early

Having more people be able to vote, by states allowing ballots to be cast before Nov. 6, is a  "recipe for fraud," according to Rush Limbaugh.

6. ACORN. Again.

From Dean Chambers of UnskewedPolls.com fame:

While the media is creating the perception that Obama can and is winning, the campaign and it’s supporters are working with their allies and former members and leaders in groups like ACORN and others to change the actual vote outcomes as much as they can. ... By creating the perception that Obama is winning, the media is giving the campaign a margin in which to be able to engage in voter fraud and make it believable ... this is precisely why Obama’s Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder is fighting voter identification laws so strongly. They know they are far less likely to win the if the election if honest and fair.

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