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The Romney I Battled Compared Marriage Equality for LGBT People to Slavery

As leader of the group that defended the state Supreme Court decision in Mass. that legalized same-sex marriage, the author got a close-up view of what Romney really thinks of LGBT people.

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I have always placed a high degree of importance on building bipartisan support in the work to secure the freedom to marry and achieve full equality for LGBT people. I consistently make a point to highlight support from Republicans, because, let's face it, it is generally harder for them, politically, to back equality for LGBT people than it is for Democrats. In Massachusetts we had strong Republicans who fought with us all the way, including former Gov. Bill Weld and former Senate Minority Leader (and now candidate for Congress) Richard Tisei. But when it comes to LGBT equality, Romney is no Bill Weld. In fact, he's not even a Dick Cheney, who supports the freedom to marry, and not even a George W. Bush, who professed support for civil union.

I'm sad to say that Romney is someone whose track record is one of turning to LGBT people as an easy point of attack when the going gets tough, in order to burnish his socially conservative credentials, and someone whose personal interactions betray no genuine empathy for gay people, gay families or gay youth, not even when he has taken an oath (and made political promises) to stand up for them.

I won't speculate on what led the Log Cabin Republicans to put forward their "qualified endorsement," but I can say it takes no speculation to know what a Romney presidency would portend for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. The record is clear.



Marc Solomon, national campaign director for Freedom to Marry, has been at the forefront of the marriage movement. As executive director of MassEquality, Solomon led the campaign to defeat two discriminatory constitutional amendments in the first freedom to marry state in the nation. Following the victory in Massachusetts, Solomon served as Marriage Director for Equality California.

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