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Romney, with Cheney, Rove, All Admit Defeat in Iraq

Romney: “We don’t want another Iraq. We don’t want another Afghanistan. That’s not the right course for us.”

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*Recommended Hamid Karzai to lead Afghanistan and said all he needed was $4 million in American aid to build an Afghan army;

*Protected the Oil Ministry and oil facilities while he let Iraqi mobs loot and destroy museums, hospitals, colleges and almost every other government office;

*Famously said of American fatalities in the Iraq war: “If it costs 500 lives, that’s ok, or 5000, okay, or 50,000, that’s ok with me;”

*Was called “the worst general” to lead a US force since William Westmoreland in Vietnam by Lawrence Korb, a Reagan assistant defense secretary;

*Provoked “justified criticism” for his failure to plan for a post-invasion Iraq, according to American Enterprise Institute historian Frederick Kagan, who’s cited in the acknowledgements to Romney’s “No Apology” as a “vital national resource in matters relating to foreign and military policy;”

*Quit a few months after premature Iraq victory, signed $5 million book deal and began collecting $75,000 per speaking engagement.

In any real world, where incongruities mattered, Romney’s embrace of Cheney, Franks, Wehner, and Senor, to say nothing of the Bushes, while disowning their war would be headlines. Instead, though Iraq was the dominant policy question in American politics for nearly a decade, it’s MIA in this campaign.

Research assistance provided by Jacob Anderson, Andrea Hilbert, Max Jaeger, and Catherine Thompson.

Wayne Barrett is a Nation Institute Fellow who has been covering the presidential election for the Daily Beast and Mother Jones. He was a senor editor and investigative reporter at the Village Voice for nearly four decades, and has written several books, including Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudy Giuliani.

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