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Romney and Ryan Court Leaders of Anti-Muslim Hate Fest

As anti-American protests spread through cities in Muslim countries, Republican candidates mixed with those who fan the flames, including a former general calling for a pre-election Israeli strike on Iran.

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Rape Metaphor and a Gay Joke, as Attacks on Black Officials

During the question-and-answer session, a number of attendees wanted to know more about how Muslims were supposedly infiltrating the U.S. government.

Saleem alleged that a U.N. treaty that Obama was working to enforce to replace the constitution with sharia law. Under this new, purportedly Obama-enforced regime, "churches and synagogues will go down underground because now you'll have to submit your sermons to the government." The consequences of an Obama re-election, he said, would be to "lose this nation.”

“We can lose our sovereignty," he claimed.

One questioner, an older woman, wanted to know how Americans can trust the words of any Muslim if they are instructed by their faith to lie.

"It's the Muslim Brotherhood that speaks for all Muslims in America," replied Boykin. "Find the Muslim community, find the Imam and say if you'll make statements condemning sharia...and then ask him, ‘Do you support Hamas?’ -- then if he won't answer that question...forget him -- move on to the next one."

"But even in that regard they are obligated to lie about Hamas," she began to reply.

"If they will make a public statement saying, ‘We'll condemn Hamas...’" Boykin interjected.

This went on for a while until Saleem jumped back in. "There's a very, very small formula, any Muslim that defend Islamic act, or like the senator (sic) from, you know, Minnesota, Ellison, yes --  and he defended the action of the Egyptian this or this or that, this is what we need to watch.” (Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., an African American, is the only Muslim member of Congress.)

“Anyone who is defending the act of Islam you will know that he is radical,” Saleem continued, “because liberal Muslim will not defend the actions of Islam. That's how you will know. There are those who are fruitful and those who are fruity!" The audience erupted in laughter at what seemed to be an anti-gay joke.

Saleem had the chance to propose one more conspiracy theory at the very end of the panel. One questioner asked, if a President Romney expanded domestic drilling, could the United States could wean itself  from dependence on oil from Muslim countries.

"This president is holding us in headlock so we can be raped by Islamic nations," said Saleem, offering the most brutal imagery yet of Barack Obama doing the bidding of his Muslim minions.

Hate as a Hail Mary Pass

It is difficult to imagine any other religious group facing the sort of rank hatred that Muslims faced at the Values Voters Summit and still getting the ringing endorsement of a major political candidate like Mitt Romney. Surely if the FRC was telling people to blacklist rabbis or that all Christians are deluded liars, Romney and Ryan would be running as far away from the event as possible.

But for the religious right, the promotion of Islamophobia is its Hail Mary pass -- one last ditch attempt to retain relevancy. The country is becoming increasingly tolerant and socially liberal, and one day soon Christian conservatives will no longer be able to turn out the votes in battleground states that wins pandering from Republican presidential candidates. For all of us who wish to live in a country where no group is demonized or hated for political points, that day couldn't come soon enough.


Zaid Jilani is the investigative blogger and campaigner for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. He is formerly the senior reporter-blogger for ThinkProgress.

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