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Republicans' "Plan B" for Tax Hikes Is the Same as Plan A: Lie Through Their Teeth

More blather about "small businesses."

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The small business spin is pretty transparent. As Chris Hayes notes in Twilight of the Elites Americans' trust in large institutions is at an all-time low -- whether it's big business or "big government." But a Gallup poll taken in early 2010 found that more than 90 percent of the population still held a favorable view of “small business.”

Now, conservatives can read polls and have long spun the most egregious corporatist policies as extending a helping hand to “small business.” Don’t think about Enron, they say. Look at how these tax cuts are helping the mom-and-pop grocery down the road. A perfect example of this meme came during the debate over George W. Bush’s budget-busting tax cuts.

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