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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Is He The Great Pretender?

Cuomo is not actually supporting Democrats in the key races that will determine control of the State Senate in New York. In some races, he’s even backing Republicans.

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Were the Democrats to win back the Senate, inevitably it would mean that they would pass some bills that reflect the interests of their constituents -- against hydrofracking, for raising the minimum wage, on gun control, on school aid, on the incarceration society. That’s not what Cuomo wants as he prepares a 2016 presidential campaign in which his theme will be “I can bridge the partisan divide.”  It’s baloney and he knows it. By bridging the divide, he means forcing Democrats to accept a softer, gentler Republican view of the world.

Yes, you can say it is a cynical strategy. The Governor who Cuomo most resembles is not the great liberal who was his father, but rather his neighbor, Chris Christie, in New Jersey.  Sure they have differences on gay marriage and some social issues, but on key policies they have been almost indistinguishable, though Cuomo it seems, before Hurricane Sandy came along, has the better touch. But when it really counts, the Governor of the great state of New York is missing in action. You could call him the "Great Pretender." 

Don Hazen is the executive editor of AlterNet.

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