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Mitt Romney Is a Very Sore Loser; Offers Pathetic Excuses for Why He Lost

President Obama got an unfair advantage by giving "gifts" to woman and minorities? Come on.

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Generations of white people, that is. Once African Americans got a share of political power, suddenly using government to improve people’s lives while also creating jobs became suspect. Over time, anxious Democrats turned against the idea, too, joining Republicans in decrying “big government.” Barack Obama’s ethereal “hope and change” rhetoric, for the record, struck me in 2008 as a kind of post-New Deal, “good-government” neoliberalism that likewise repudiated that old Democratic legacy.

But as president, Obama re-discovered the power of delivering for his base – and there’s nothing wrong with that. African Americans, Latinos, women, the young and gay people voted for him – and they got some policies that made their life better. That’s what’s supposed to happen when you win elections.

Romney is a sore loser. But make no mistake: He was ready to deliver gifts to the wealthy donors on that call had he won. Does he think we’re stupid?


Joan Walsh is Salon's editor-at-large, and the author of "What's the Matter With White People: Finding Our Way in the Next America." Read more of her work at Salon.

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