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7 Big Lessons from Obama's Win

This election was a clear and unequivocal victory for the populist positions the President took on the campaign trail.

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Progressives also contributed heavily to races like that of Alan Grayson, who scored an historic comeback win in a Republican-leaning district, and nearly helped unseat Michele Bachmann.

The power and contribution of these movements should be remembered in the weeks and months to come.

7. The “new America” needs bold action.

There’s a lot of talk about the “new America” that contributed to this victory: women (who are a rising political force, even if they’re hardly new!), the growing Hispanic population, and young people.

These constituencies need the same things the country as a whole needs: Hispanics are struggling with low wages and high unemployment, so they need action for jobs and economic growth. Health issues are critical to women, which means we need more and deeper reform of our health sector. Young people need more investment in education, job creation, and a equitable society with opportunity for all.

Welcome to the “New America.” In many ways it’s just like the old one, especially in what matters most: We’re still all in this together.

RJ Eskow is a senior fellow with the Campaign for America's Future.

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