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10 Things Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Don't Want Americans to Know

There's a reason Ryan and Romney duck and weave all the time.

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Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan will say. Not, that is, until after the election. And not because, as Paul Ryan recently claimed, "It would take me too long to go through all the math." The two men who call each other "bold" and "courageous" are simply too chicken.

9. Ryan Supports GOP Platform's Ban on All Abortions Despite his past support for it, Mitt Romney has declared his opposition to the Republican platform's so-called Human Life Amendment. But while Romney would allow for abortions in the cases of rape, incest or to protect the health of the mother, Paul Ryan would permit no exceptions--period.

Ryan co-sponsored a so-called "personhood" amendment defining a fertilized egg as a human being and sought to prohibit access to abortion for rape victims. And in a performance on the House floor reminiscent of John McCain's famous 2008 debate "air quotes" surrounding " the health of the mother," Paul Ryan protested:

"The health exception is a loophole wide enough to drive a Mack truck through it."

10. Ryan Voted for the Defense Sequestration He Attacks Obama for In August 2011, Paul Ryan was among the House Republicans who voted for the debt ceiling compromise which would sequester $1.2 trillion in spending (half of it from the defense budget) if Congress did not otherwise trim the debt by that amount over the next decade. Of course, you'd never know that listening to him. In this exchange, Ryan's rewriting of recent history left Norah O'Donnell stunned:

O'DONNELL: Now you're criticizing the President for those same defense cuts you're voting for and called a victory...you voted for it!

RYAN: No, Norah. I voted for the Budget Control Act.

O'DONNELL: That included defense spending!

RYAN: Norah, you're mistaken.

No, Paul Ryan is mistaken. But if Americans vote for him and his running mate, the mistake will be all ours.

Jon Perr is a consultant who writes about politics and public policy at Perrspectives (@Perrspectives).  His work is also featured at Crooks & Liars, DailyKos and other sites.

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