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10 Desperate and Depressed Conservative Reactions to Romney's 47 Percent Moment

Some are standing by Romney; the semi-smart ones are running away like he's carrying Ebola.

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This is basically what he was trying to tell the donor who asked the question: We live in a world of limited resources, campaigns must wisely husband their resources (time and money). Political targeting involves two very politically incorrect things — profiling and discrimination, and Obama and I will do both. We will profile and target persuadable, likely voters for advocacy. We will target supporters for turnout. And, yes, both sides will ignore people we know will never vote for us. (Note: I can say this because I’m not running for president.)

He then says we should have a serious conversation about whether “we want to have an entitlement society or an opportunity society?” because right-wingers are hard-wired to not recognize that, in the real world, a robust public sector offers us more opportunity, and more personal freedom, not less.

9. Then Jonah Goldberg Said Something Dumb

Let's pause to recap: Mitt Romney said that half of the population are moochers and free-loaders who pay no taxes, and they're all Democrats.

Here's what Jonah Goldberg took away from that:

Romney’s remarks reinforce the overriding problem with his campaign: It is bloodlessly non-ideological. And that is by design. Stewart Stevens, Romney’s top strategist has made it abundantly clear he doesn’t much care about ideas or philosophy....

Even the campaign’s ostensibly ideological ads and soundbites seem offered not as statements of conviction but as carefully — and sometimes not so carefully — crafted slogans aimed at telling the silly swing-voters what they most want to hear.

Yup, silly swing voters want to hear that they're lazy ne'er-do-wells looking for a handout.

10. When in Doubt, Blame the Lamestream Media

We are talking about conservatives – a group that actually believe themselves to be perennial “victims,” but not of the predations of the 1 percent. No, they are victims of the “liberal” media's enduring conspiracy to make people like Mitt Romney seem out-of-touch – the same media that refuses to take charges that Obama's birth certificate is fake or that climate scientists are trying to tackle capitalism with their false data about climate change seriously.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham said that it was media malpractice just to cover the story. “I’m very pumped up about this,” she told Gretchen Carlson. “I think it’s ridiculous that people are seizing on it and that we’re even giving all that much airtime to it, frankly.”

At the American Spectator, Aaron Goldstein acknowledged that it was a story, but then dinged Romney for bothering to hold a presser and trying to address the comments.

After all, Barack Obama didn't call a press conference after it was revealed that he had called small town Americans "bitter" people who "cling to guns and religion" at a Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco. Of course, there was no demand for him to do so because not only did the liberal press not question him about it but they were in agreement with him and still are. The liberal press, by and large, holds the values of small town America in low esteem.

I think it was unnecessary for Romney to have the press conference because he was drawing attention to himself on the defensive rather than drawing attention to himself for going on the offensive against Obama. Besides I hardly think this press conference will placate the liberal media.

Goldstein, a Canadian who learned all about small-town America from his home in Boston, is right about one thing: a hastily called press conference where a smirking candidate answers three questions and then flees the stage probably won't placate those liberal media meanies.

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