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10 Desperate and Depressed Conservative Reactions to Romney's 47 Percent Moment

Some are standing by Romney; the semi-smart ones are running away like he's carrying Ebola.

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Then he started talking about how Robert E. Lee was looking for shoes when the battle of Gettysburg was thrust upon him and then, presumably, a nurse came with Walsh's meds.

6. Damn Public Opinion!

Richard Grenell, you may remember, was briefly hired as Romney's foreign policy spokesman before the Romney team buckled to pressure by the religious right and ditched him for being gay. (After Romney's hamfisted response to the attacks on our consolate in Benghazi, one suspects that Grenell is pretty happy not to be the one answering reporters' foreign policy questions.) It also turns out that he's quite the wingnut (I had to block him on Twitter). Grenell is ecstatic about the tape's release, tweeting, “it worked! the media are talking about how 47% pay no income taxes.”

The problem for both Grenell and Walsh is that this is not a good thing for the Romney campaign. As Greg Sargent pointed out, only the hard-right buys into the 'moochers versus looters' narrative.

Pew asked Americans what they think about the amount lower-income people pay in taxes. Only 20 percent think they pay too little, versus 34 percent who say they pay a fair amount and 37 percent who say they pay too much — a total of 71 percent.

Pew also tells me that only 23 percent of independents, and 18 percent of moderates, say low-income people pay too little in taxes, while big majorities of both say they pay a fair amount or too much...

Only 22 percent of self-described middle-class people think lower-income folks pay too little, versus 69 percent who say they pay their fair share or too much.

Meanwhile, the reverse is true about rich people. A majority, 58 percent, say the wealthy pay too little in taxes, while only 26 percent say they pay their fair share. Fifty six percent of independents, and 69 percent of moderates, say the rich pay too little.

7. Dems Are Mad Because Romney Revealed Their Evil Plot

Further down the food-chain of right-wing opinion dwells the Daily Caller's Jim Treacher, who might be the dumbest person on the Internet were it not for the existence of a guy named Jim Hoft.

While just about every other conservative at least acknowledged that, yeah, some of the people who don't pay taxes are solid Republicans, or called Romney's comments “inartful,” Treacher thinks it's all true. Under the headline, “The Democrats think Romney just self-destructed by pointing out, um, THEIR ENTIRE STRATEGY [enraged capitals in the original],” he writes: “That’s Obama’s reelection message: 'Vote for me or Romney will take away all the free goodies you’ve got coming to you! By the way, can you believe he called you a mooch?'”

He then offers two examples: an Obama campaign ad touting how a young woman would be able to get surgery because she was able to stay on her parents' private insurance plan until age 26, and a not-at-all-dog-whistle video clip of a black mother saying that she hopes Obama wins because if he does things will get better and she won't have to worry about paying the mortgage or putting gas in her car (although she doesn't say anything of the sort, the video is labeled, “Obama is going to pay for my gas”).

8. It's Not Fair to Blame Romney For the Words Coming Out of Romney's Mouth

Also at the Daily Caller, Matt Lewis, after noting that "Media elites are breathlessly reporting” on the comments, simply translates them into something less offensive.

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