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Elderly Woman Dies in Court "Gasping for Breath" After Sheriff's Deputies "Callously" Refused to Give Her Medication, Daughter Claims

The deceased, who was fighting a traffic ticket, suffered from asthma -- but deputies accused her of faking, suit filed in court argues.

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"Ayunna set beside deputy (or jailer) Doe and her mother, fanning her mother, whose breathing continued to get worse.

"After sitting in the courtroom waiting for about twenty minutes, Ms. Richardson stated that she 'could not take anymore,' and she told deputy/jailer Doe that she needed help.

"Ayunna also pleaded with deputy/jailer Doe to get someone to help her mother.

"Deputy/jailer Doe responded as though he believed Ms. Richardson was just putting on.

"Ms. Richardson then stated 'I need to lay down.'

"Ms. Richardson laid down on the courtroom floor and her body started to shaking.

"Deputy/jailer Doe took no action to assist Ms. Richardson or to clear the courtroom.

"Everyone in the courtroom watched as Ms. Richardson died in court, on the courtroom floor.

"Ayunna stayed beside her mother trying to do CPR to bring her back for about twenty minutes, but she failed."

Emergency personnel arrived 45 minutes later and took Richardson, who was unresponsive, to the hospital.

London says her mother was pronounced dead within 5 minutes of arriving at the hospital.

She seeks punitive damages for constitutional violations, wrongful death and negligence.

She is represented by Charles Tatum Jr. of Jasper, Ala

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