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Portland Students Stage Walkout In Support of Teachers

Students and parents are showing their solidarity with Portland teachers as school administrators seek to eliminate limits on class size.

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Solidarity is our weapon. We can walk out here at Wilson, but we also need to talk to our comrades and our students across the city, and we need to organize walkouts and actions all across this town. It's our responsibility to talk to our friends about the teachers' contract, to talk to our friends about class sizes. We need to understand the struggles in each and every school in Portland...

We've had a walkout at Wilson. We've had a walkout at Roosevelt. We've seen actions at Cleveland. But we need to bring these actions together. But we can't just speckle walkouts across the city; we have to create a movement. We need to come together as students. Today's the beginning.

With an upcoming "Parents Support Portland Teachers" rally, Portland is also beginning to see a more coordinated effort of community support for PAT.

The fight for smaller class sizes in Portland is just one piece of what it will take to win the schools Portland students deserve--and Portland should be proud that students are already a part of that fight.

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