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Cynical Barons of For-Profit Education to Gather in June to Fleece Taxpayers and Drive Up Student Debt

Keynote speakers, including Governor Mitch Daniels, should be held accountable for diminishing the prospects of America's young people.

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APSCU's website makes plain why they want Mullen to appear on their stage; APSCU  boasts that Mullen's appearance at the convention "will be a truly extraordinary moment for private sector education, bringing increased visibility and respect to the sector."

But Mullen, who recently joined the board of General Motors, should tell the for-profit colleges that if they don't start fairly competing for students by offering better value for the money, rather than by using high-pressure boiler room tactics, that they can expect to be driven off military bases and towns, and that they can expect our troops and vets to get the message and stop enrolling.

Both Governor Daniels and Admiral Mullen should consider whether they are prepared to deliver tough messages to the wealthy APSCU barons who have caused so much harm. If they aren't, then for the sake of their own reputations, the cause of fiscal sanity, and the welfare of America's students, they should just stay home.

Attorney David Halperin is an advocate and writer at