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Crazy Country: 6 Reasons America Spends More on Prisons Than On Higher Education

Dollars doing to prisons will soon outpace dollars going to higher education in every state of the union.

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What Can We Do About It?

The solutions are staring us in the face:

1. End drug prohibition and free all prisoners held on drug related crimes. (This means abolishing the entire war on drugs apparatus, from the feds on down.)

2. End mandatory sentencing.

3. Provide amnesty for all undocumented immigrants and develop a sane and safe immigration policy.

3. Place a financial speculation tax on Wall Street to fund free higher education at all accredited two- and four-year public institutions.

4. Put all of our people to work through a green jobs program paid for by increased taxes on the top 1 percent.

Les Leopold is the executive director of the Labor Institute in New York, and author of How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour: Why Hedge Funds Get Away with Siphoning Off America's Wealth (J. Wiley and Sons, 2013).


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