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Anthropologists Researching to "Inform U.S. Military Personnel"?

Why one notable anthropology professor recently resigned from the National Academy of Sciences.

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When contacted by e-mail for comment on Sahlins' resignation, Raymond Hames, professor of anthropology at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a Chagnon supporter, also mentioned The Use and Abuse of Biology, saying that in his opinion the book "clearly demonstrated [Sahlins] had an elementary-school knowledge of evolutionary biology."

"I am not surprised he resigned," Hames added.

"Chagnon's defenders operate almost entirely by diversion," countered David Graeber, reader in social anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London. "[T]hey never seriously engage with the core objections to what Chagnon did, which is to vilify a group of human beings so that enormous violence could be unleashed on them.

"Marshall Sahlins is a man of genuine principle," Graeber continued. "He's never had a lot of patience for shirtless macho Americans who descend into jungles, declaring their inhabitants to be violent savages, and then use that as an excuse to start behaving like violent savages themselves -- except with command over infinitely greater technological resources."