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The Top 5 Most Hypocritical Corporate Sponsors

Foreclosure giant Wells Fargo sponsors Habitat for Humanity?

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5. ConAgra Foods Sponsors Feeding America

Feeding America is the country’s leading hunger-relief charity, consisting of more than 200 food banks nationwide. Why do they need to provide this service? Because, simply put, some people can’t afford to buy food. Including, perhaps, the workers at ConAgra, one of Feeding America’s largest corporate sponsors. Workers in starting positions at the corporation can make as low as $18,000 a year.

ConAgra customers may also have trouble affording food. Recently, when the multi-billion-dollar corporation was faced with rising costs for raw materials and was afraid to lose any profit, it chose to pass on costs to consumers.  

Besides not caring about whether or not people can afford food, ConAgra also doesn’t care if the food it serves is healthy. Meanwhile, Feeding America has stated that one of its top priorities is “increasing the access of nutritious food to struggling Americans.” In addition to selling a variety of unhealthy, processed foods, ConAgra has also been found to have salmonella in its facilities and products.  

ConAgra has also been sued for bribing consumers by putting fraudulent labels on its products. It is also one of the main food corporations the American Farm Bureau Federation invests in and lobbies for. The Bureau just recently spent $1.2 million lobbying for cuts to food aid and large handouts to industrial agriculture and pesticide corporations. ConAgra Foods once spent $400,000 in lobbying to preserve French fries and pizza on school lunch menus.

Alyssa Figueroa is an associate editor at AlterNet.