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The Scams and Sexism Hidden in Your Cable Bill

Sports channels are increasingly costly to consumers, especially women.

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But it’s the high prices that are pushing TV viewers to the breaking point. With options like Hulu and other Internet sites where television viewing is free, there’s less reason to fork over increasingly exorbitant sums for the privilege of not watching – or even watching – sporting events.

Final gripe: there’s more than a little sexism going on in this state of affairs. Though I am not one of them, many women, including feminists, care about professional sports, but there is only sporadic television coverage of female-dominated games and events. Media attention to female athletes is often focused as much on their physical appearance and skimpy outfits as their skills. Female sports broadcasters have been the objects of contempt, a fact displayed crudely by CBS’s Andy Rooney in a 2002 comment, “The only thing that really bugs me about television’s coverage is those damn women they have down on the sidelines who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.” Sports coverage tends to reinforce stereotypes and separation between men and women.

Hulu is looking better every day.

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