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Priceless! Jon Stewart Ridicules the Richest of the Rich for Pretending to be Concerned About Economic Inequality

At the Davos World Economic Forum, billionaires discuss inequality over champagne and cigars.

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart skewered the hypocrisy of a bunch of white rich men getting together to worry about economic inequality -- as they enjoyed the luxury of the salons of the Swiss Alps. “Inequality!" Stewart cried. "They’re talking about it in the cigar lounges and the champagne pavilions! In the cocaine-atoriums! They’re talking about it inside the same shared escorts.” As for the extent of this inequality, how's this for a shocking statistic: The poorer half of the world -- all 3.5 billion of them -- have the same amount of money as the richest 85 people. Don't miss his scathing satire:


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