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How America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation in 4 Easy Steps

It starts with destroying our manufacturing base.

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Step 4: Recolonize

With American workers desperate for any kind of opportunity to work, Foxconn and other foreign corporations now have access to a brand new pool of cheap labor.

We've seen other companies before Foxconn take advantage of these new low-wage American workers.

Ikea recently opened up a factory in Virginia, which just so happens to be a right-to-work for less state that's not hospitable to labor unions. In Sweden, where Ikea is based, workers earn at least $19 an hour and enjoy a minimum of 5 weeks paid vacation every year. Those are fairly high labor costs. So executives at Ikea have come to the United States, where they can pay workers just $8 an hour and give away just 12 days of vacation a year.

German auto manufacturer Volkswagen has also found an advantage in moving manufacturing back to the United States. They recently opened up a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee - another right-to-work for less state. Unlike in Germany, where all the workers at major manufacturing firms are unionized, collect high wages, have good benefits, can go on strike, and sit on the company board and have a say in decisions about the company's future, none of that exists in Chattanooga.

In Chattanooga, workers are not unionized and make just $14.50 an hour. It's pretty clear what's happening, we're becoming the world's latest cheap labor source.

Not only that, it's much cheaper to send goods to American consumers when you don't have to ship the goods from halfway around the world. Plus, with growing attention paid to the fact that nothing is made in America anymore besides bombs and warplanes, foreign corporations would be delighted to be able to stamp "Made in the USA" on the bottom of their products, even if they were made by low-wage Americans.

Which is why Foxconn might be considering coming over here, too. It's hard to imagine American workers having to endure the same working conditions that Chinese workers endure at Foxconn, where nets prevent workers from committing suicide.

But given the agenda of House Republicans, that tragic reality may not be so far-fetched. Generations of labor law that produced a minimum wage, a forty-hour workweek, workplace safety laws, and child labor laws are all under attack by Republicans in Congress. And if they succeed, then there is absolutely nothing protecting American workers from suffering the same fate as sweatshop workers overseas.

The reason why this fourth stage is terminal is because there are few treatment options available anymore. If the United States were to suddenly rethink its trade policies and enact tariffs again, they would have little impact since these foreign corporations have already implanted their manufacturing centers here in the United States. The profits would continue to go overseas rather than being circulated in the local economy.

Yes, in the end, we might get a lot of the jobs that were lost in Step One, but they won't be good-paying jobs at American-owned companies. They'll be low-wage jobs at foreign-owned companies, with all the profit created from those going out of the United States. At its core that's a form of colonization. Look up King Leopold's extractive economy in Congo for a reference.

The United States is rapidly un-developing in a way never before witnessed in the history of the world. And it would be a remarkable spectacle to behold, if it weren't so damn tragic to our fellow citizens.

Let your elected representatives know that Ross Perot was right, and it's time to end this so-called "free trade" insanity.

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