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Elizabeth Warren's Powerful Speech: Supreme Court Is on the Path to Being a "Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Big Business"

The five conservative justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court are in the top ten most pro-corporate justices in a half century.

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But we’re guided by principle too.  It’s a simple idea, and all of you know it as an old labor idea – we all do better when we work together and invest in our future.

We know that the economy grows when hard working families can improve their lives. We know that the country gets stronger when we invest in helping people succeed. We know that our lives improve when we care for our neighbors. 

And we know that even though pundits and big corporate lobbyists in Washington might need to be dragged kicking and screaming – we know that America agrees with us.

On almost every issue of economic concern, our values are America’s values, and our agenda is America’s agenda.

We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement – and you know what? So do more than 80% of people. [3] Wall Street will fight us, but the American people are on our side.

We believe in raising the minimum wage – and so do 71% of people. [4] The Republicans will fight us, but the American people are on our side.

We believe in preventing cuts to Social Security benefits – and so do 87% of Americans. [5] The Washington insiders will fight us, but the American people are on our side.

We believe in rebuilding our infrastructure and in passing legislation to create jobs – and so do 75% of Americans. [6] The Tea Party will fight us, but the American people are on our side.

And we believe that the sequester is stupid. And, you know what? A majority of Americans—including a majority of Republicans agree with us too. [7] We ought to be making smart choices about where to cut and where to invest. Washington will fight us but the American people are on our side.

It was less than a year ago that the American people overwhelmingly re-elected President Obama and gave us a mandate to fight for middle class families.

We have a mandate—a mandate to build a fair tax code, one that isn’t rigged to give breaks to big oil and billionaires while it crushes working families. We have a mandate to invest in the future – in infrastructure, in research and innovation, and in education. And we have a mandate to create jobs – jobs right here in America, jobs for hard working people!

So here’s my message:  Our agenda is America’s agenda. The American people know that the system is rigged against them and they want us to level the playing field.  That’s our mandate!

I’ve already fought and lost my share of battles in Washington, and I’ve been around long enough to know that Washington is a tough place.  Real reform isn’t easy.  But I also know this:  If we don’t fight, we can’t win.

But if we fight, we win.  The Budget. Immigration. Minimum wage.

Uphill battles?  You bet.

But however tough the challenge, however steep our climb, I am proud to stand with you, to march with you, and to fight side-by-side with you.

Our agenda is America's agenda and if we fight for it, we win.

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