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David Brooks vs. Progressives: Genteel Ignorance as Economic Warfare

Alas, Brooks' uninformed pronouncements have a music that moves Washington insiders.

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As we were saying, strip away the prose and David Brooks is your ranting right-wing uncle. But Brooks makes that holiday-dinner raving seem socially acceptable -- and he doesn't belch or ask you to pass the cranberry sauce while he's doing it. 

It's amusing to read David Brooks, or to writing about him. But innocent people can get hurt by misinformation and misguided notions. They're real, these people. True, they never get invited to dinners with David Brooks, or with Congressional leaders, or with the president of the United States. But they're real, and their future's looking bleak.

If you want to change that, the CPC budget is the horse to ride.

(This page will help you send an email to your Representative supporting the CPC budget.)

(UPDATE: Dean Baker's excellent response to Brooks includes a postscript which tells us that the "extremely muscular" man and his equine adversary are located in front of the Federal Trade Commission, not the Department of Labor. That's called 'backing the wrong horse.')

(UPDATE II: Re Matt Yglesias' commentary on Brooks, especially the closing paragraphs which begin "long story short": Heh.)

Richard Eskow is a writer, a senior fellow with the Campaign for America's Future, and the host of a weekly radio show, "The Breakdown."