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Will the FDA Crack Down on E-Cigarettes?

An important debate over the safety of the e-cigarette is raging.

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Neurologists have found that nicotine helps improve attention, memory and motor speed in patients with Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder and Alzheimer disease.  

E-cigarettes have the potential to prevent hundreds of thousands of smoking-related deaths every year and are clearly less dangerous to use than tobacco. Nicotine is also a medicine that deserves to be studied and more widely prescribed to treat disease.   

E-cigarettes are a proven way to reduce the harms of smoking. It shouldn’t matter if the goal is to quit nicotine, continue using it, or if you are a schizophrenic trying to silence the voices, a teenager with ADHD, or a person just looking to relax.  

Helen Redmond is a freelance journalist and a drug and health policy analyst.

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