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Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users

You might be surprised who's on the list.

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“I’ve tried pot, but it doesn’t do much for me.”

(Source: Pink is the New Blog)

35.  Matt Damon

“The first time I smoked was at home with my mother and step-father.”

(Source: Weed Quotes)

36.  Lincoln Chafee

"In 1999, then-Warwick Mayor Lincoln D. Chafee won accolades for his honesty in acknowledging he used marijuana and cocaine as a 1970s student at Brown University."

37.  Maya Angelou
“Angelou settled into a job as a waitress and began smoking marijuana with abandon.”
38.  Justin Bieber
"Bieber both confirmed that he'd been caught smoking weed and apologized for it."
(Source: Huffington Post)
39.  Sarah Palin
"I can't claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.”

(Source: CBS News)

40.  Phil Jackson

"In 1975 he wrote “Maverick,” a memoir about his days playing in the NBA. Among other things, Jackson spoke frankly about marijuana use."

(Source: Salon)

41.  Johnny Depp

"I'm not a great pothead or anything like that… but weed is much, much less dangerous than alcohol."

(Source: Celebstoner)

42.  Madonna

"It [my behavior on the show in 1994] wasn't because I was excited about you [David Letterman]. I think it may have had something to do with the joint I smoked before I came on.

(Source: Vulture)

43.  Robert Downey, Jr.

“Robert Downey Jr. said he started smoking weed at age 8.”

(Source: NBC - New York)

44.  Bryan Cranston

"Pot always just made me sleepy.” 

(Source: Highbeam Business)

45.  Miley Cyrus

"You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake."

(Source: LA Times)

46.  Hugh Hefner

“Smoking helped put me in touch with the realm of the senses.”

(Source: Schaffer Library of Drug Policy)

47.  Rihanna

"Kush rolled, glass full... I prefer the better things!"

(Source: Daily Mail)
48.  Oliver Stone

“I went to Vietnam, and I was there for a long time. [Using marijuana] made the difference between staying human or, as Michael Douglas said, becoming a beast.”

(Source: The Raw Story)

49.  Rick Steves

"I have used cannabis all over the world."

(Source: LA Weekly)

50.  Snoop Lion (Formerly Snoop Dogg)

“It makes me feel the way I need to feel.”

(Source: Esquire)

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