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Can You Smoke Pot and Call Yourself Sober?

Some Alcoholics Anonymous members toke secretly without telling their sponsors. Are they in denial?

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“Full disclosure is almost always the best medicine,” Dr. Bienenfeld says. “We’re only as sick as our secrets.”

Yep, this means they’ll have to re-set their time. No, that’s never fun. But in the end, only we can clearly assess our own behavior and the values, actions and feelings that drive us into—or away from—sobriety. We must police ourselves, with the end goal being not just abstinence, but being able to fully embrace the classic catchphrase, “to thine own self be true.”

Laura Barcella is a former associate editor at AlterNet and a freelance writer and the editor of Madonna & Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop (March 2012, Soft Skull Press).

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