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Are There Speed Freaks in the Major Leagues Trying to Gain an Edge, or Just a Lot of Legitimate ADHD Patients?

A lot of athletes are still taking powerful drugs -- some with prescriptions, some without.

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"Prescription drug abuse among teens and young adults is occurring at a faster rate than illegal substances," warned Young.

A rigorous application of regulation and reexamination of these drugs would no doubt help stem that surging tide. But no one is really willing to pull the trigger when the medical establishment can't seem to find a dividing line between the lasting ethics of "Do No Harm" and the addictive paydays of "Don't Worry Be Happy." If the doctors can't find consensus, the users will always find loopholes.

Scott Thill runs the online mag Morphizm.com. His writing has appeared on Salon, XLR8R, All Music Guide, Wired and others.
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