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10 Years in Prison for Legally Growing Medical Pot? The Feds' Insane Assault on Perfectly Legal Activity

The DOJ is aggressively pursuing medical marijuana cases in direct contravention of earlier pronouncements on the issue.

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Assemble a group of result oriented, get ahead at any cost prosecutors, give them virtually limitless power, and the results are fairly predicable. It should be a surprise to no one that they would wage war against the very people they have been entrusted to protect in order to advance their own careers. The recent round of attacks against medical marijuana providers is merely the latest incarnation of a problem that has been festering for years. What is certain is that when this pool of low-hanging fruit is exhausted, these same prosecutors will simply set their sights on another group of ready-made targets.  

Ultimately, this is the real story. It has little to do with medical marijuana or any other alleged offense. There is a highly destructive force at work that actively seeks new targets and is committed to eviscerating everything in its path, all for self-advancement.   They justify their actions by bandying about words like “truth” and “justice,” but then work overtime to conceal relevant facts from jurors and ultimately the same public they allegedly serve. This embracement of deception is rooted in a twisted belief that their work is too important to be burdened with unnecessary rules or restrictions that are applicable only to others. For those medical marijuana caregivers now facing lengthy terms in federal prison, it is a tragic lesson in what can happen when those in positions of power subvert laws with which they disagree in a self-serving belief that the end justifying the means.