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Is Violence in the Media a Reflection of Our Own Social Anxieties?

What inner psychological need is met through our mass obsession with crime and prosecution?

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Violence as entertainment is truly a form of diversion, both a cleverly symbolic reflection of, and a distraction from, the state of our own tormented souls. Although violence as entertainment appears to be a good way to wake us up, it is truly a meager way of living. Violations of any kind are really desperate attempts at connection, just as drunk guys fighting in a bar are secretly striving to have some kind of fulfilling camaraderie.

But living vicariously through actors who shoot one another, or through criminals who break the law, is just another way of avoiding your life, of refusing to take responsibility for your own desires or to live in accord with your own true nature.

Copyright © 2012 by Salvatore Folisi. Reprinted with permission of Xander Stone Ink.

Salvatore Folisi is a published poet and writer who has just completed his first book of philosophy Eros Over Logos: A Revolt of the Instinctual Mind Amidst the Madness of Modern Life.

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