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Before I Had My First Child Nobody Told Me That Babies Are Boring

I aspired to be the ultimate earth-mother-Gaia-worshipping-priestess from another dimension.

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And so, I implemented a phone curfew. There are specific times, no matter what, when my phone is put away on silent. I am fully aware of the modern conundrum in even having to do that. The reality is that I will never get back these fleeting moments with my daughter, who is quite delightful even though she can’t tell the difference between a rhinoceros and hippopotamus. (I mean, come on, kid, one has a horn.) But addressing this addiction to my phone isn’t just about spending quality time with my child. It’s also about quality time with myself by developing a relationship with my phone that honors it as tool, but is not controlled by its temptress ways.  Unless the future turns out to be a Zombie Apocalypse, humanity is only going to create a deeper reliance on technology, new media and social networking.  Exposing my child to these elements of culture can’t be avoided, but I realize must be done with care and intentionality. Being a parent doesn’t mean shutting out the world; it means teaching your children to navigate within it.  Even if that results in your kid becoming a narcissist from looking at too many videos of themselves.


Toni Nagy is a writer who has written many text messages, and is known to respond to most emails. She has her own blog, where she writes about her favorite subject, herself, and is also a contributor to Huffington Post.

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