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10 Mind-Blowing Discoveries This Week

Great stuff this week on the possible neurological origin of consciousness, bug-killing paint, free college classes and gorillas learning how to destroy poaching traps. Oh, and more squid sex.

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When it feels for a moment like civilization is unraveling, there’s something enormously comforting about peering into the tiny element that might have helped it to start.

10. Cheeses is Lord

And to keep the happy-note theme going: cheese. There’s a good chance it’s way better for you than you thought. 

Cheese. You already know it improves everything it comes into contact with. What you may not know is in a huge study done in 8 countries and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition researchers found that “people who ate cheese had a 12% lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes than those who shunned the food altogether,” reports Makini Brice of Medical Daily . “Mixed dairy intake also was associated with a similarly lower risk of diabetes, and included such fermented products as yogurt and fermented milk (and cheese).”

Good enough.  Gimmie the gouda. Hand over that havarti. 

It’s ironic that a food considered to be fattening is associated with a decreased risk of a disease associated with obesity, but the Telegraph reports that it’s the type of fat that’s improtant. Researchers think it may have something to do with the fermentation process in cheese or, the Telegraph reports, that “ Although high in saturated fat, it may be rich in types of the fat that could be good for the body.”

The Telegraph also reports that “the charity Diabetes UK warned against eating more cheese until the results were confirmed in other studies.”

Wallace and Gromit and I are going to pretend we didn’t read that far down in the article. Cheese!


Liz Langley is a freelance writer in Orlando, Fla.

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