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Bill Moyers Exposes the Stranglehold the Corporate & Right-Wing Alliance Has on Our Democracy

A special report from the legendary veteran journalist on the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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BILL MOYERS: Farley has introduced a bill to force legislators to disclose their  ALEC ties, just as the law already requires them to do with any lobbyist.

STATE REPSTEVE FARLEY: All I’m asking in the  ALECAccountability Act is to make sure that all of those expenses are reported as if they are lobbying expenses, and all those gifts that legislators received are reported as if they are receiving the gifts from lobbyists, so the public can find out and make up their own minds about who is influencing what.

BILL MOYERS: Steve Farley’s bill has gone nowhere.  ALEC, on the other hand, is still everywhere, still hiding in plain sight. Watch for it coming soon to a statehouse near you.

AMY GOODMAN: The United States of  ALEC, a special report by Bill Moyers. It will air this weekend on  Moyers & Company. This is  Democracy Now!,,  The War and Peace Report. Back in a minute.

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