Colbert Savages Fox Hosts Demanding Women Pay More For Health Care

Fox News hosts are wondering why men have to pay the same as women for health care.

Fox News is on the warpath against women and men paying the same for health insurance.  Luckily, we have Stephen Colbert to point out the absurdity of their arguments.

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Colbert ran a segment last night where he chronicled Fox News’ repeated segments on how it’s unfair for men to be paying the same money for health care as women. Fox News’ message, as Colbert put it, was that “the true victim of this health care disaster are America’s most vulnerable: the men.”

“When it comes to medical care, men always get the short end of the long end of the scope,” said Colbert. “You see folks — up until now, health insurance in America has always struck a delicate balance. Women paid higher premiums than men, and in return, men paid less. The system worked.”

Fox recently featured business host John Stossel arguing that women should pay more because they go to the doctors more. A Fox urologist argued that women, who have breasts and ovaries, “get checked in every part,” so they should pay more.

Colbert closed out with a suggestion on how to correct this imbalance: have men “demand pap smears.”

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