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Sleazy Military Contractors Are Crying Foul Over Drones -- They Stand to Lose Billions

A lot of very sleazy DoD contractors and their pet congressmembers have their own reasons for being so outraged over the threat of drone warfare.

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No drone has ever made one of those videos. When a drone is brought down, the operator gets up from his chair and has to file a report. Then he moves to the next drone. No loss of trained personnel whatsoever, no casualties, no torture, no risk of political pressure.

And as far as performance goes … well, the biggest design limitation, and I mean by far, on a manned plane is the man, or the woman — the meat bag sitting in the cockpit. It’s a huge drag on the potential maneuverability of the airframe. Take that drag out of the picture and you can build drones that can out-manuever anything in the sky — never mind F-35s, but real planes like the F-15. In real war, where the rotten gets weeded out fast, manned planes would be boutique items within a few months, and the skies would be filled with drones sporting the stencils of whatever power had the sense to adopt them bigtime.

Then there’s that other advantage, the one that isn’t really an advantage at all — in fact, it’s the reason we’re gonna get stuck for 2500 F-35s but we’ve ended drone buys at a piddling 200 Predators and 57 Reapers: Drones are cheap. And that is one thing that the defense industry really thinks is immoral.

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