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Sleazy Military Contractors Are Crying Foul Over Drones -- They Stand to Lose Billions

A lot of very sleazy DoD contractors and their pet congressmembers have their own reasons for being so outraged over the threat of drone warfare.

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McCaul moved from prayer to stock shares in one hot Texas second, as soon as the Secretary of Defense and a few other more or less sincere defense specialists decided it’d be crazy to buy a brand new engine from Pratt & Whitney to put in the F-35. You see, McCaul’s portfolio includes $750,000 in Pratt & Whitney shares. You might think, “God, a guy worth $300 million could afford to let those shares sink a little,” but that’s exactly why you’re not in Congress and he is. No male golddigger ever born is gonna let a chance to make more money off the taxpayer go by, no matter how much he’s already got.

So McCaul started this thing called the “F-35 Caucus,” to force the DoD to buy the plane with all the trimmings, even though nobody with a conscience wants anything to do with it. He got his fellow Texas rep. Kenny Marchant, to join the club, and hey, that’s got nuthin’ to do with the fact that Marchant also owns Pratt & Whitney stock. Marchant’s another bright star of the Texas GOP, a graduate of Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK, and a major oil stockholder along with his P&W stock. I’m telling you: morality on top, sleazy money under it. That’s the pattern you need to keep in mind to understand all this anti-drone chatter.

For years now, this brain trust from Dallas has been forcing the services to take the F-35 even after they’ve said, yelled even, that it’s a dog and they don’t want it. It’s incredible. And you don’t hear a thing about it, because the right just kneels down and licks the boots of anybody in uniform, and the few lefties are too stiff to see any difference between sane defense spending and this crap.

And for years, the F-35 cabal’s gobstopper argument was, “Well what else is there? We need a new fighter and this is what we’ve got!” Now that’s not true, for starters; we DON’T need a new fighter. We could hold off all the Air Forces in the world, and a few alien spacecraft too, with what we’ve got now, and the idea that the F-35 is any kind of improvement on a magnificent plane like the F-16 is a joke.

But that argument was enough to bluff the ignorant, which is to say most people in this poor mess of a country — until drones started to show what they could do.

That didn’t happen, in the US, until after 9/11. But that’s not because drones weren’t ready long before that. They were, and the Israel Defense Forces were using them way back in the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. The IDF took out all Syria’s air defenses using drones as their first wave, destroying 82 Syrian aircraft and losing only one. How did the US armed forces respond? By ignoring it, and sending in A-6 and A-7 attack planes, typical Navy shit-planes, as agile and elusive as garbage trucks, to attack Syrian positions in the hills. The Navy instantly lost one of each of these old Plymouths’o’the sky — one more than the IDF lost in the whole war — but if you think they started rethinking drone tech, you don’t understand peacetime armed forces. They made a point of not thinking about drones until we were really in need, after 9/11 — at which point the services went, hat in hand, to an Israeli contractor who’d ripped off our old, unused drone tech to sell to the IDF, and asked him, “Kin you pleeeeze make us one a those, like you got in Israel pleeeze?” He said sure; they said, “Can you make the engine a little quieter too?” He said, “Sure, if there’s money in it”; they shoved giant wads of cash into his hands, and the Predator was born.

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